How to Change the World For Women

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How to Change the World

We’re impatient for the world to get better.

We’re actually optimistic that it actually will.

This makes us Impatient Optimists, a term coined by The Gates Foundation, and also one of their core values.

I have long been an admirer of their work in the world; especially Melinda’s passion for women’s rights, so could not leave my training session with Microsoft last week without stopping by the Gates Foundation Visitor’s Center in Seattle.


As I toured the center, I was struck by how experiential each of the exhibits was. They not only showed what they are working on in the world but gave you a chance to identify causes that matter to you and then interactively work toward creating a solution.


They had a “Share Your Cause” tree – an opportunity to share your voice and tell the world what’s important to you. Here’s mine:


One of our Core Beliefs at Women Igniting Change is that men and women coming together as a collective is the strongest force we have to change the world for women and girls; something we share with Melinda.

Watch this video, where Melinda Gates talks about how we can do this, and how we should be treating BOTH our sons and daughters to create real change:

And now, we want YOU to have a say. We’re providing you with more knowledge on the topics that are important to you so that you can help ignite change in the world for women.

Which of these matters most to you?  Write them in the comments below:

Advocacy                        Education                            Empowerment

Entrepreneurship         Gender Equality                 Human Trafficking

Leadership                     Reproductive Rights          Violence Against Women

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