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Moving business and humanity forward

In a post-pandemic world, employees are demanding that their leaders do more than just lead the business. They are looking for their companies to provide a culture of purpose and possibility, navigate changing societal expectations, and build a sense of community and belonging.

Leaders need to elevate and engage their people by connecting personal values with those of the entire organization and, at the same time, inspire collaboration, innovation, and results.

Robbin Jorgensen, Founder and CEO of Women Igniting Change®, is your host. A former corporate executive who has worked with women leaders in 31 countries on 6 continents believes that unleashing the contribution of women is one of the key drivers to moving business and humanity forward.

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Our podcast has a global reach, with listeners tuning in from 48 countries and counting. Our message of empowerment and positive change is reaching audiences across continents. We are committed to fostering a global community of change-makers who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

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Join Robbin as she dives into the intersection of business results, women’s leadership, and social responsibility. She’ll share interviews with decision-makers, provide tangible strategies, highlight women changemakers, and more as she inspires you to take action…for yourself, your organization, and our world.