Executive Coaching

Our 6-month coaching experience provides a safe space for
self-discovery, skill enhancement, and strategic growth.

Phase 1 - Assess & Reveal

This pivotal starting point harnesses the insights from three influential assessments – The Leadership Circle 360, Positive Intelligence, and Kolbe A – providing a comprehensive view of your leadership dynamics. By unveiling your strengths and growth areas, this phase serves as a foundation for your journey toward empowered leadership.

This pivotal starting point harnesses the insights
Synthesizing the data from the initial assessments

Phase 2 - Strategic Goal Setting and Action Planning

Synthesizing the data from the initial assessments, we develop a concrete plan of action to start implementing desired changes. Leveraging the Bigger Game methodology, this immersive experience empowers you to unearth bold aspirations that will shape your professional path, enabling you to lead with purpose and influence both within your career and across your organization.

Phase 3 - Implementation and Accountability

This phase is your incubator for transformation, providing the opportunity to translate insights into action while speaking with your coach twice per month. Apply new tools that amplify your ability to engage and empower teams and clients. Stay connected and supported through All Access Coaching-on-Demand offering real-time laser coaching that propels you forward on your leadership journey.

This phase is your incubator for transformation
Elevate your leadership journey

Self Guided Reading & Study Tools

Elevate your leadership journey with our comprehensive self-guided resources. Immerse yourself in curated leadership readings and insightful articles that compliment your coaching sessions. Dive even deeper with our ‘Learning Snack’ videos, each paired with actionable guides to sharpen your expertise. With this curated toolkit, you’ll harness knowledge, develop skills, and enhance your transformative path towards impactful leadership.


Reduce or eliminate blind spots
through 360 feedback
Create the right behavioral changes
that lead to improvement in the ability to
impact bottom-line results
Provide an atmosphere in which you can
express your fears, failures and dreams
Leverage new tools to think differently,
more strategically and systemically
Address potential challenges among direct reports/peers/supervisors with confidence
Lead your team from the perspective of
how the team impacts the entire system