I.G.N.I.T.E. – Part 3 – NAVIGATE

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If you truly want to exude joy, ease, and success in your life, you must be willing to stand firmly at the helm and stay on course, not matter what challenges come your way.

Because here’s the truth: As soon as you declare your intention to change your thinking and take action to get better results, you will run into an obstacle.

After you’ve set a goal and plotted out a way to get there, everything around you will seem to fall apart.

It’s as if the Universe is taunting you, just to be sure you are serious about your fresh, new intention.

“Are you sure this is what you want? Then prove it!”

Hand holding old fashioned compass showing the way on a country trail

Then, out of nowhere cars break down, old relationships begin to fray, things get crazy at work and life seems to turn upside down.

This is when self-doubt and your limiting beliefs will sneak in and drop anchor.

You will be tempted to give up. You might even start to believe the voices that say, “You weren’t cut out for this stuff. You need to go back to your comfort zone where it’s nice and safe. This was a crazy idea, after all. Who do you think you are, believing you deserve a happier life?”

Don’t believe a word of it.

Instead, plan ahead. Learn to navigate the rough waters and steer clear of the negative energy that will try to suck you under quicker than an undertow.

But how?

How can you get back on course when all you can see is what’s not working in your life?

  • You examine your mindset and challenge the negative thoughts that have kept you stuck up until now.
  • You recall times in your life when you took risks and succeeded.
  • You remind yourself of the successes you’ve had up to this point in your life.
  • You determine the best next step on your journey and you take action.
  • You get up every day and recommit to your intention, refocus your energy, and re-decide that you are worth it.
  • You find support in friends, family members, groups, or a coach to help you stay on track and see what’s possible for you.

I remember working with one of my executive clients who was navigating a career choice.  She was a Director in her organization and had been with them for 6 years.  She had great ideas that she knew could positively shape the direction of her company and position it as a leader in the industry.

And she knew that in order to have the clout to implement them, she needed to take her career to the next level.  Literally within weeks of hearing that inner calling, a Vice President position opened up.

When she finally made the decision to take action toward that goal, everything seemed to fall apart.  One of her subordinates, a rock star, moved to another state to care for an ailing parent.  One of her colleagues, who was also a good friend, decided to apply for the same position.  Her daughter started having trouble in school and just to top things off she developed insomnia and was barely sleeping.

She had a choice to make.  She could either tell herself it was too hard, the timing wasn’t right, or any other number of reasons why it wouldn’t work.

Instead, she stood firm and used all of the tools that we just discussed.  She quieted the voices that wanted her to stay small and remind herself that she was worth it.  She wrote in her journal about all of the successes she had had in her career, to keep them on top of mind.

And most importantly she reconnected to her WHY every single day.  She knew the difference she could make and the impact she wanted to have.

Together, we came up with an action plan to make that dream a reality.  Guess what?  She got the job!

Igniting your inner spark isn’t for the weak of your heart. It’s hard work. And it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process of growing, stretching, and sometimes falling.

But, what makes the difference is whether you give up or get back up.

Everyone who takes this journey will experience ups and downs; that’s part of the process of transformation.

But, it’s those of us who learn to navigate through the storms who recover quickly and find themselves safely on the other side.

It’s worth it.  I promise!

Which of these tips are you going to try?  Share with us below so we can hold that space for you!

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