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When you finally decide to take bold action and move forward to create the life you want, you will need to be tenacious and unwavering.

Regardless of what other people in your life say, think, or do, you must have resolute determination to keep taking baby steps toward your goals.


Because it takes fierce courage to rock the boat and maintain your balance, especially when the people around you want you to abandon the ship.

Your forward momentum will disrupt their version of “normal.” They will question you, get angry, be confused—and will probably even pick fights with you.

But, you must be strong and persevere.

Transformation is hard work.

And it will seem to get worse before it gets better.

But, walking through that fire will make you stronger, wiser, and more prepared to do whatever it takes to honor your dream.

There will be days when you will look back at your situation and wonder what you were thinking, but don’t fret.

You aren’t alone on this journey. Many have walked this worn path, and that includes me.

When I created Ignite The Next International, there were some people in my life who thought I was crazy.  Who did I think I was to start a global organization that empowered women around the world?  How did I think I was going to be able to travel to over 194 countries serving women, speaking on International stages, and creating a movement that would shift the consciousness of how women see themselves and how the world views women?

Here’s the thing.  It’s not that those people were being malicious.  They were just looking at my vision through the lens of where they were in their life and they couldn’t see it.  And you know what, that’s okay.

The only thing that matters is that I can see it.

Now I could have bought into what they were telling me and stopped believing in myself.  I could have let this dream remain dormant inside of me and lived with an underlying sadness of What If…?

Has ALL of my vision happened yet, no.  Will it….absolutely! I have no doubt that it will unfold even grander than I can possibly imagine.  And I have to be Tenacious around my confidence and what I know I am creating for the women of the world.

I know the reason I’m here on this Earth is to empower women around the world to become the fullest expression of who they are so they can achieve their greatest potential.

I believe a woman standing in her power can change the world. Women have unique talents and gifts that can transform the dynamics of their families, their workplaces, their communities, and their worlds.

Tenacity takes belief.  I think what stops most of us is that we can’t see the HOW.  We might have a vision or a dream, but when the show isn’t readily apparent, we assume that it’s not possible.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you become steadfast and say, this is where I’m going, people, resources, and opportunities start aligning in your world to make it happen.  They just do.

I have the privilege of witnessing this every day in my own company and in others around me.

Here are a few strategies that help me remain Tenacious around my vision.  I know they will help you too!

1. Re-decide and re-commit to your vision every day. 

When you open your eyes in the morning to start a new day, realign your intention and mindset with your vision of the life you want. Say affirmations, meditate, journal, or create a morning ritual that helps you get on track. The important thing is to take purposeful, deliberate steps toward your goals. Every day.

2. Stay laser-focused on getting what you want. 

Whenever you feel indecisive or unclear about your next step, pull back and refocus. Figure out the next best step to take, then act. Carry the image of your ideal life with you like a talisman. Refer to it anytime you feel unclear.

3. Check in on your mindset. 

Are limiting beliefs and doubts obstructing your view of your power and unlimited potential? Are you letting lazy thinking lead the way, rather than checking out the validity of your thoughts? Ask yourself: “What’s the story I am telling myself, and who would I be if I decided to let it go?”

Mindset plays such an important role in changing your life. If your mindset starts holding you back, it’s time for an adjustment. Return to your gratitude practices; take an I-love-me day; check in with your coach or support group; and question the negative voices.  Whatever you do, don’t believe the gremlins.

4. Commit to a radical self-care regimen. 

While you are working to change your life, you must put your health and well-being front and center. Rest, whole foods, leisure time, exercise, and quiet reflection time are essential to keep your head and heart in the game.

Listen to your body. It communicates wisdom to you every day, but you’ve got to make a point to listen. If you’ve allowed your physical health to fall off your radar, it’s time to start paying attention. 

5. Find support and use it. 

Rely on an accountability buddy, a support group, or a coach to help you stay on course and true to your intention. Changing your life is so much easier when you have a cadre of trusted allies to help you.

I truly believe that ideas and dreams aren’t given to us unless there is a way to make them happen.  You just can’t see the whole path yet.  Trust yourself and be tenacious about moving forward to create the life you want.

In what ways have you found to be Tenacious in going after what you want?

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