Let Go of the Stories

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Let Go of the Stories

Little children love to hear stories.

Storytime is a way to jump into a world outside of yourself, a place where you can dream and explore.

Do you remember as a child, either sitting on someone’s lap or tucked cozily in your bed, listening to a story and knowing you were safe and loved?

When the story began, you’d go off into a land of princesses and castles or moons and teddy bears.  And in the end, no matter how the story began, you always felt good and whole when the story ended.

Those were magical days.

But, at some point along the way, we grew up.

Instead of stories being read to us, we started making up our own stories.

Stories about ourselves. Stories that didn’t serve us. Stories that told us we weren’t good enough or that we would never be successful.  Stories that made us feel worn down, unworthy, and afraid.

When we were children, we pushed away our fear of trolls under bridges and the evil queens. We remembered an important, simple truth: They were just stories.

As adults, we have forgotten that truth. We have become so enmeshed in our stories about ourselves that we believe they are The Truth about who we are.

When you realize that YOU are the creator of the stories in your head about yourself. YOUR stories about you are what keep you playing small.

So, how do we wake up from the illusion and see the stories for what they really are?  How do we let go of the stories that do not serve us?

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