EP 01: Women as Catalysts for Change: Awakening Social Impact

“Given the nature of social justice and social impact challenges that we're facing as a country and as a world, this is the perfect time to launch this podcast,” explains Robbin Jorgensen, Host of the Women Igniting Change ® Podcast. The podcast is based around the core belief that women have the untapped ability to solve the world’s most pressing issues, both within their own communities and in the larger world. Every woman has her own unique contribution to make and an inner spark which–even if it’s been extinguished–once reignited can change the world.

Robbin shares the story of traveling to Rwanda, first in 2017 with Mercer on Mission, led by Professor Etienne Musonera of Mercer University in Atlanta. There she worked with women who became widows as a result of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. In 2019, she began organizing the building of an economic empowerment center for women in Huye in the Southern Province of Rwanda.

Of course, with so many changes taking place in the last few years, the needs and goals of all involved have changed, but Robbin’s mission remains the same. Her story proves that no matter what anyone else has to say about your mission, by following your own inner voice, you, too, can ignite change.