EP 02: Zeroing in on Change: How to Streamline Your Social Impact Ideas

On today’s solo episode, Robbin is going to help you narrow down and organize your social impact ideas–by literally throwing them up against the wall and seeing what sticks! One of the many brainstorming methods she’ll walk you through is creating a post-it board wall. With this method, you’ll arrange your ideas for making an impact and creating social change–around such issues as race and the environment–into affinity groups and columns of descending order of importance. Another method she shares for gathering ideas is to have an “awareness week,” tapping into the world around you–your environment, your social circle, your reading materials–to gather topics that really speak to you.

She’ll also help you to determine “hunger type” to determine your true motivation and method for making change. Additionally, you can conduct mini-interviews with those around you, asking them to tell you what actually lights you up inside. Turning the interview on yourself, you can ask what Robbin calls “The Warren Buffett question,” about what you would do with a large sum of money if it were magically gifted to you. Whatever exercise you choose, you must first suspend any judgment of your ideas and let them flow freely. Too often, as women, we overanalyze, dismissing our ideas before they even have a chance to take off.

The challenge you are passionate about was given to you for a reason. Grab your post-its, pens and journal, get ready to brainstorm your ideas and share what you came up with at support@womenignitingchange.com! Soon you’ll be on your way to igniting change of your own!