EP 04: Beyond the Binary: Gabrielle Claiborne on Championing Transgender Rights and Inclusion

Gabrielle Claiborne (She/Her) CEO, Transformation Journeys Worldwide

“If you looked at my life, you would say this person has life by the tail. But in reality, I was living a life of turmoil because of this internal gender dilemma,” explains Gabrielle Claiborne, co- founder and CEO of Transformation Journeys Worldwide, a transgender-focused inclusion training and consulting firm.

Through her work, she helps organizations around the world create cultures of belonging for trans and gender expansive individuals and those who live beyond the binary. On today’s episode, of Women Igniting Change, she addresses some of the common misconceptions organizations have around working with transgender, gender nonconforming, and non-binary individuals and provides tips for creating a more inclusive and respectful work environment.

She shares the lessons she has learned about the power of authenticity, lessons that are included in her book “Embrace Your Truth: Our Journey of Authenticity” and her TED Talk “Building Your Courage Muscles.” Living authentically, she says, is not easy but it’s directly and proportionately related to our life purpose.

Educating people about the lived experiences of gender non-conforming individuals includes meeting your audience where they are, and helping them to recognize that we have more in common than not. It’s important not to just be an ally but a “heart ally.”

Gabrielle offers advice to listeners as to what they can do to support trans and gender nonbinary people in their own communities, especially as legislation continues to pass that will eventually affect all of us.