EP 12: New Year, Bigger Impact: A Framework for Creating Meaningful Change

As 2024 quickly approaches, you’re probably thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions. But while you’re focused on your own personal goals, Robbin wants to help you think bigger–with The Bigger Game! This 9-square grid is a framework which will allow you to create the social change you want to see in the world. On today’s episode, Robbin will guide you–after all, no one creates change by themselves–through action markers such as “the hunger square,” which is the deep yearning you have inside yourself to make change in the world, your “compelling purpose,” or your “why,” as well as your “gulp square,” which is the part of the process which should inspire what Robbin calls “gleeful terror.”


A major part of taking on this framework is to accept that you won’t know what you’re doing at first. Too often, women especially, stop before they start if they feel like they are not in control of every step of the process. This game is not business as usual, and that’s kind of the point. Follow the steps Robbin has laid out for you and watch change unfold more quickly than you can imagine. 


Not everyone will be your cheerleader as you continue along this journey, but as Robbin explains, even naysayers will provide you with value. Take bold action–join today’s episode of Women Igniting Change and take the first step toward becoming the leader and social changemaker that you want to be!



  • “You have a deep desire to create meaningful change. It's so much bigger than you, that you know you're meant to put out there.” (5:46 | Robbin) 
  • “When we were all little girls, if you equate a dial on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 is low 10 is off the charts, when we were little, our hunger dial literally was 11. We knew we could be anything we wanted to be, do anything we wanted to do. But here's what happens: As we become grown adults, we tend to take that hunger dial, and we turn it down to a dull simmer, and that's how we live our lives.” (6:00 | Robbin) 
  • “Give yourself permission to dream and imagine that deep desire for social change that you want to put out there.” (7:00 | Robbin)
  • “Allies can be your biggest champions, your biggest cheerleaders, they’ve got your back in this bigger game that you want to put out into the world. Those are your cheerleaders. Allies can also be people that say to you that is the dumbest idea I've ever heard, you can't possibly do that, what are you thinking? Those are allies, too.” (11:01 | Robbin)
  • “Especially as women, what we tend to do, if we take a step forward, and it goes a little sideways, we're automatically beating ourselves up that we did something wrong, or we should have done something different.” (13:02 | Robbin)