Season 2, Ep 04: Unlocking the Power of Business for a Better World: Masami Sato and B1G1’s Impact

“When we are doing something that benefits all, rather than benefits just ourselves,” explains today’s guest Masami Soto, founder and CEO of B1G1,”it unlocks an amazing experience and sense of connection.” B1G1 is a global business giving initiative that allows businesses to provide “giving impacts” to deserving people throughout the world. At the same time, it helps businesses foster a culture that redefines how they think of giving, as a series of small daily acts.  Since its founding 16 years ago, B1G1 is responsible for 335 million giving impacts worldwide. 


As a young woman, Masami experienced profound generosity and grace from strangers—often those who had the least–who looked out for her as she backpacked across the world. After giving birth to her daughter she realized she wanted to ensure that all children had the same access and opportunities. She soon realized that most businesses are eager to find creative solutions that will make the world better for others. B1G1 helps create a synergy between its network of businesses great and small, so that they can work together to elevate a mission greater than themselves. 


The act of giving is, Masami explains, actually a gift we give to ourselves. In this episode she explains how B1G1’s mission has evolved since its inception, what individuals can do to create impact in their own lives, and the many ways companies can do business for good. 



  • “I couldn’t make sense of why everybody was working so hard to try to get more, but at the same time our purpose, our endeavor, of getting more didn’t lead to a sense of fulfillment. At the same time, sometimes there were people who had so little but they seemed to be happy and smiling and generous and giving.” (5:09 | Masami)
  • "The only way we can really transform our future and ensure every child has access to wonderful opportunities in the future is for all of us to take action." (15:27 | Masami) 
  • “If we really think about kindness as doing things for others, it feels like losing something. Giving away means losing something, whether it’s money or time or effort, then it feels like an extra chore. But if we saw that kindness and caring as something that adds to ourselves, it’s a gain.” (18:13 | Masami) 
  • “When everyone comes together to try to do something, that’s bigger than themselves, not just about them but about people they might never meet, about the involvement in ensuring a sustainable future for the next generation.” (22:59 | Masami)
  • “There is that sense of “doing together.” My company is small but these impacts are impacts I create, but I’m doing this together with many other businesses, which means collectively we can create a much greater impact. We no longer need to be disempowered by being small.” (24:00 | Masami)