Season 2, Ep 12: Heart-Driven Leadership: Heather Robertson Fortner’s Approach to Success

Heather Robertson Fortner epitomizes two pivotal values: congruence and authenticity. As the leader of Signature FD, she emphasizes the significance of personal growth to provide unparalleled financial guidance, aiming to impact her clients' family legacies profoundly. Recognizing the importance of unity, Heather believes in a team's collective commitment to each other and the firm's goals, even in the face of disagreement. She advocates that earning trust from clients and team members alike hinges on genuine care and mutual respect.


Heather's counseling background informs her approach to leadership, prioritizing personal development and support for individuals to reach their full potential. She highlights the critical role of diversity within any organization and shares her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated field, especially during a significant wealth transition to female leaders.


Tune into this episode of Women Igniting Change, where Heather delves into purpose-driven leadership, her innovative approach to change, and her aspirations for creating a different future for her daughters.



  • “Coaching is different than managing; it’s different than just leading. You are in the trenches, you are with, you are along side. You are probably pushing people to a place where they’re a little bit uncomfortable because a coach’s job is to help you grow.” (3:51 | Heather Robertson Fortner)
  • “My philosophy has always been that as a leader you should be willing to do the same thing that you are asking other people to do.” (14:21 | Heather Robertson Fortner) 
  • “You want to lead well? Then you’re going to have to do it not only in this seat but it’s going to have to be congruent to the seat you hold at home.” (24:10 | Heather Robertson Fortner)
  • “There’s going to be this massive movement in money. And more than we have ever seen historically, women will be in decision-making positions with money.” (32:08 | Heather Robertson Fortner)
  • “I have no time, or space, or energy or desire to sit in a room with a bunch of people who want to maintain status quo. I’ve got too much stuff to do, too many things that I want to do and I sure don’t want it to be status quo for my girls.” (41:16 | Heather Robertson Fortner)
  • “I would say to leaders today, you have got to be excellent at discerning about what is noise and what is important, and you have got to be willing to not be perfect and to let go of the things that don’t matter in pursuit of the thing that does.” (44:45 | Heather Robertson Fortner)