Season 3, Ep 06: Speak to Inspire: Storytelling Techniques for Social Impact

“It’s more than just telling of events; it’s really about making connections,” says host Robbin Jorgensen about the importance of effective storytelling to the impact of your message. Today she’ll share three key steps to take to ensure your audience, whether at a large event or in a small meeting room, hears your message, connects to it, and forms a long-lasting relationship with you as a result. She’ll share the three types of audience members that you’ll want to engage and how to ensure your message captivates them all. 


She’ll also share tips for an engaging presentation style that will help you carry your story confidently from the beginning to end. Learn how to determine the best platform and mode of delivery to meet your target audience where they are. 


Your message matters and only you can deliver it in your own unique way. Join today’s episode of Women Igniting Change to learn how to make the world sit up and listen.



  • “It’s more than just telling of events; it’s really about making connections. And it’s how we turn abstract ideas and emotions into action. Great stories foster that human connection, while making sometimes really complex ideas understandable and relatable at the same time.” (1:02 | Robbin Jorgensen) 
  • “Before you can even begin to craft your story, you need to be really clear about what you want to achieve.” (1:51 | Robbin Jorgensen)
  • “Just be you. The most impactful stories are those that are told with passion and sincerity—and trust me, your audience can absolutely feel the difference, so be authentic.” (4:55 | Robbin Jorgensen) 
  • “There are so many different ways to get your message and your storytelling out there. So, be really creative in how that happens, and then choose your medium—to the degree that you can—that best suits your message and your audience.” (7:55 | Robbin Jorgensen)
  • “Command that space and know that you belong in front of whatever room you’re in, and that what you have to say matters.” (10:41 | Robbin Jorgensen)