Season 3, Ep 12: Transformative Action: Navigating the Bigger Game for Impact

Change makers—believe it or not, we’re already halfway through 2024. Where are you in your mission toward creating lasting social change? Have you begun? To help you refocus and set your intentions for the rest of the year, Robbin revisits the episode where she introduced The Bigger Game, an innovation model designed to help you map out and intentionally design the change you want to make in the world. She walks you through the nine-square grid model, prompting you to consider essential questions like your deeper “why,” what scares you (in a good way), and what investments are needed for your mission to succeed.


Women, especially, often need a precise roadmap before taking risks. One setback can make us want to give up entirely. At the center of this model is the most important skill: taking bold action. Without it, as Robbin says, it’s all just a nice conversation.


Are you ready to take bold action? Join Robbin as she guides you through the questions that will help you build a long-lasting legacy.



  • “And for women especially, this is the one that typically stops us—because we can’t see all 15 steps laid out in front of us as to how something is going to transpire, we talk ourselves out of it—’Nope, I can’t possibly do it.’ But when you’re playing a bigger game, you have to lean in and trust that the how is just going to show up as you take steps toward that bigger game and I promise you it does, every single time.” (2:59 | Robbin Jorgensen) 
  • “Give yourself permission to dream and imagine that deep desire for social change that you want to put out there. It’s an invitation to turn that dial back up and dare to want for something more than just you.” (7:37 | Robbin Jorgensen) 
  • “People who say to you, ‘That is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. You can’t possibly do that. What are you thinking?’ Those are allies, too, and here’s why: When they say something like that to you, I want your response to be, ‘Oh, yeah? Watch me. I’ve got this.’” (11:47 | Robbin Jorgensen)
  • “This legacy of what you’re putting out into the world lives beyond you. In the United States, for those of you who are familiar with this organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving, if I asked you who the two women were who started it, probably no one would be able to answer it. And we deliver The Bigger Game in workshops inside organizations and no one has known the answer to this. And it’s not that those two women are not important, what’s important is what they put out into the world sustained their involvement in it.” (12:34 | Robbin Jorgensen) 
  • “Without bold action, the rest of it is just a really nice conversation.” (14:56 | Robbin Jorgensen)