How to Position Yourself for Promotion – Part 5: Become a Problem Solver

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How to Position Yourself for Promotion

This is the final post in a series that reveals my top tips to help you prepare yourself for a promotion before the opening is even announced.

Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve shared tips on how to Embody LeadershipOwn Your ActionsSeek Opportunities, and what it means to be a Servant Leader.

We also talked about how important it is to set an intention that’s aligned with your goals.

Today I’m sharing what I believe is one of the most important qualities of a leader: Being a Problem Solver.

If your goal is to stand out among your colleagues as the natural leader of the group, then finding solutions to the problems that vex others should be your first priority.

Action Step 5 – Become a Problem Solver

What’s the biggest difference between leaders and the people who follow them? Leaders take the initiative and solve problems.

Most people spend their lives waiting for answers rather than doing the work to find them. They wait for the phone to ring, for approval, for courage, for a stroke of luck, or for “the right time.”

The bad news is, if you are a person who sits at your desk waiting, the time will never feel right. And you will never be ready.

Readiness doesn’t appear from thin air. The truth is, you will never feel ready until AFTER you take action. And when you are a leader, taking action means finding solutions to the problems, big and small.


Tweet: You will never feel ready until AFTER you take action.

Being a problem solver means:

  • You root out the roadblocks and find new workarounds.
  • You take risks outside your comfort zone.
  • You don’t give up, even when your idea falls flat the first time.
  • You look to your team to point out your blind spots.
  • You open up to fresh perspectives and new ideas.

When you are the problem solver in a group, others will look to you for what step to take next. And the people in charge will notice.

Taking the initiative alone will instantly position you as a natural leader. But, nothing will happen until you dive in, find the challenge, test different fixes, and solve it. Then, you can confidently say, “Follow me. I’ve got a solution.”

If you missed any posts in the How to Position Yourself for Promotion series, I encourage you to read them. These 5 tips could make the difference in whether you land the promotion you’ve been dreaming about.

If you’re ready to take your leadership to the next level, I’d love to help you. Email me at to request a complimentary discovery call.

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