Ready to Change Your Life? First, You Must Change Your But

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Ready to Change Your Life?

How many times have you found yourself saying …

  • “I would love to, but, …”
  • “I know I should be doing that, but ….”
  • “I really want to, but …”

But, but, but.

It used to be my go-to word anytime I needed to make an excuse.

That one small word has a life of its own. It keeps us playing small and keeps us from achieving what we want out of life.

Here’s what I mean: Have you ever noticed how the words that follow “but” typically make you shrink?

  • “… but, I don’t know if I can do it.”
  • “… but, I’m scared.”
  • “… but, what if I fail?”

Sound familiar?

The word “but” has a negative vibe to it. It’s like a doorway into a black hole.

If you’re anything like me, “but statements” are second nature and you don’t even think twice about them.

What would happen in your life if you did give them a second thought?

What if every time you started to utter the word, you changed it to the word AND?

What if you shifted the statement that followed into a positive one?

For example, “I really want to AND I’m going to try.”

Much better than “I really want to, but what if I fail?

Our minds are very powerful, and every word or phrase we speak shifts our subconscious minds.

What do you want to say to yourself? The more negativity you feed your mind, the more negativity you’re going to experience.

In fact, the more negativity you experience, the more negative energy you put out into the world.

It’s nearly impossible to achieve all you want out of life in this place.

Here’s the thing: I know what it’s like to become unconscious of your words. I know how it feels to have them running you, instead of the other way around.

I know how hard it is to make the switch and stay there. It takes courage, commitment, and practice.  I also know how incredible it feels on the other side.

That’s what I want most for you —to be back in control.

When you consciously choose words that serve you, you move closer to your dreams and goals.

So, are you ready?  Let’s do it!

Imagine if just for one day, you stopped using the but.  Just one day!

Instead, every time you thought about using it, you changed to AND, then chose a powerful positive statement to follow it.

How do you think your day would change?

What’s the best way to be successful at this?

  • Start each day with an intention. Again, when you set an intention, you tell your subconscious mind what YOU want. For example, every morning when you wake up, set an intention for the day and say it 5 times. “Today, I am not going to say the word but.”
  • Next, catch yourself throughout the day. Each time you feel the word start to come out of your mouth, STOP and replace it with AND.
  • Then, choose the powerful positive statement you want to follow.
  • If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up. Simply begin again. Start with the next one.

It gets easier the more you practice. The goal is to feel more confident, positive, and in control simply by choosing your words purposefully.

That sounds pretty cool, right?

I believe in you!  I know you can do it!

I would love to know how you changed your but.  Share in the comments below!

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