Are YOU the Spark?

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Are YOU the Spark?

A few years ago when I was naming my company, one word continued to come up for me. 

The word was “IGNITE.”

Why ignite? Because it embodies power. When something is ignited, it’s alive.  It exudes energy, meaning, and purpose. It literally catches fire!

That’s exactly how I want women around the world to feel about themselves and their work in the world. I want them to feel alive and on fire with purpose and passion. 

So, why Ignite The Next?

Because women are unable to clearly see the power they already have within themselves. It usually takes someone else to affirm and ignite that power. 

After working with hundreds of women and traveling around the country speaking to women’s groups and organizations, I’ve learned that something special happens when a woman is ignited.  

She feels comfortable in her own skin; she believes in her personal power; she sends a spark into her family, her community, and her world.

To honor the spark within every woman, I wanted to create a symbol we all could easily wear and recognize that represents Ignite The Next International. I also wanted to use the symbol as a way to raise money to build awareness of the needs of women and girls around the world. 

And so, the “I AM the Spark” bracelet was born.


When you wear it, I want it to remind you that you are the spark that reignites lives.  

You get to choose the life you want. 

You are the spark of conscious choice. 

You are the spark of creative ideas, goals, and dreams.

You are the spark that ignites a fire in women who fear their passion for living has burned out.

The beautiful thing about being a spark is when you’re fully ignited and standing in your power, you are in a position to pay it forward and ignite the next woman, and the next, and the next. 

Your spark can change the world.  

Pretty cool, huh?

After I ordered the first batch of bracelets, something amazing happened.

I was working with a corporate client named Sarah, and she told me a story. A few weeks back, she found herself with an extra ticket to a leadership event that was happening in her town. Only a handful of employees were able to attend, and Sarah was told she could give the extra ticket to anyone in the organization she chose.  

Sarah selected Lori.

Lori has been with their organization for more than 20 years and has often been passed over for opportunities. Sarah knew that Lori’s self-confidence was a little low, and she didn’t feel she was valued at the company.

Sarah talked with Lori and told her how much she thought she would love the speakers and enjoy the event. Lori welled up with tears at the notion that someone “saw” her and thought enough of her to invite her to a leadership event. 

After the event, Lori excitedly told Sarah how she talked with her husband and children about what she had learned. In fact, she had already begun incorporating some of the leadership skills for herself and her family.  

After hearing Sarah’s story, I was certain I had chosen the perfect phrase for the bracelets. 

I could even picture one of the bracelets on Sarah’s wrist proclaiming, “I AM the spark!”

I told Sarah, “You are the Spark! You ignited Lori by showing her she was worthy of attending the event. Lori ignited the next by creating a ripple effect with her family with the information.”

Sarah ignited Lori; Lori ignited the next.

Are YOU the Spark? 

How are you igniting yourself every day? 

What self-talk keeps you strong, powerful, and on purpose?

Are you igniting the next woman? Did you tell her what you see? Did you make her feel valued and worthy? Did you show her how magnificent she really is?

Become the spark that ignites another woman. What could be more beautiful and life-affirming than that?

Do you have a story like Sarah’s? I would love to hear it below!  

Are you interested in having one of these fabulous bracelets for yourself or helping us spread the message?  Contact us at

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