Want to Raise the Ceiling? Raise the Floor.

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It’s everywhere. In the media, in the corporate discussions, around the dinner table, and drinks with your girlfriends. What women need to do to break through that proverbial ceiling. In my opinion, we’re asking the wrong question. What we should be asking is, “Why is the floor so low?”

What I mean to say is that women tend to see themselves as “less than”. That they “aren’t ready”.

For me, the “glass ceiling” applies from the boardroom, to that promotion that you want, to that idea that you’ve had but haven’t done anything with.

I see it all the time with the majority of my clients and in the workshops I give. We’re not there yet within ourselves, so how can we expect to be there externally? Yes, there are real biases that exist and that can be annoyingly frustrating. But until we are willing to go within and work on the inside, I believe the outside won’t change.

Once we’re willing to do the internal work, we show up differently.

We KNOW we are deserving. That we belong to be THERE. Wherever THERE is for you.

When we raise the floor, women will no longer be willing to be silent. They will demand their place in whatever way fits them.

We, as women, need to raise the level of what we think of ourselves and our expectations for the outcome we want.

So how do you start raising the floor?

  • Believe that you are worthy of it.

I can hear you now, “Of course I’m worthy!” The trick is to remind yourself of this the second doubt creeps in.

  • Create a list of “I AM” statements.

This is something I do with all my clients. They might gripe about it at first, but as they see their transformation take place they thank me for it!

Get out a blank piece of paper and write I AM 25 times down the page (this is a positive spin on the school version!). After each I AM, choose a word. For example, I AM resilientI AM determined. Come up with 25 phrases. Yes, 25!

Some words you may believe right now and some of them are words you wish were true. Include all of them, because here’s the thing. After a while, you will believe all of those fabulous words because they’re all true!

  • Hire a coach!

It’s so hard to do this work solo. You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.

Red arrow getting out from crack

A coach champions you to your greatness and sees you at your highest self. They won’t let you sell out on yourself. They hold you accountable and believe in you until you have that belief in yourself.

So, how will you begin to raise the floor in your life? What steps will you take to claim your power?

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