Do You Yearn for More than the Trappings of Success?

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yearn for more

Recently, I was leading a two-day workshop for a group of incredible women. They were accomplished, educated, respected in their fields, and all director-level in their careers.

From the outside, they looked like they had everything together: great families; established, successful careers; respected teams; accolades; money; and power.

Yet, inside they all felt a hollow yearning for something more.

They couldn’t stop asking themselves: “Is this it? Is this all there is?”

Through my years working as a coach, I’ve discovered a secret: Underneath the impressive titles, women are the same. We wonder if we are good enough, if we matter, and if we are deserving of a purpose-driven life.

All of us struggle with doubts of our own worthiness.

Over those two days, I witnessed that amazing group of women begin to break through the limiting beliefs that had held them back for so long.

They were ready to release the yearning for more and do the work of finding themselves.

Each woman came to my workshop to be reintroduced to the magnificent woman she once was, the one with moxie, who dreamed big and knew, without a doubt, that she was worthy of the life she wanted.

The woman who ignored the oppressive voices that pushed her into playing small.

Do their stories sound familiar?

  • Are you listening to limiting voices that cause you to doubt your worth?
  • Do you want your work to have a lasting impact on the world?
  • Do you hold back, play small, and push your dreams down just to make it through the day?

There’s a better way to live; I can help you find it.

You, too, can dig deep and begin transforming your life into the one you dreamed of long ago. You start by:

  • Examining your comfort zones that hold you back.
  • Exploring and re-discovering the yearning that lies dormant in your heart.
  • Tapping into your Compelling Purpose.
  • Mapping out a plan of Bold Actions that will move you forward.

Like the women in my workshop, you, too, can learn the lesson that I teach all my clients: Your dreams still matter.

yearn for more

The transformation begins when you open yourself to becoming conscious to your life. When you decide you are ready to “go there” and do the work of rediscovering the magnificent, courageous, passionate woman within.

What limiting beliefs hold you back and keep you playing small?

Share them below in the comments section. Shining a light into the darkness is the first step to healing, growth, and transformation.

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